Survey Method Experiment Report



i will send you more info on the topic as soon as I can or just write me here all your questions here is the literature review to be used in the report it should give you a good view of what the topic is etc. if you have any questions just write me here and i will reply asap Topic:Survey Method Experiment Report Subject:Business Number of Source:1 Citation Style: MLA Writing Level:University Delivery Mode:24 Hours Number of Pages: as many as needed to write report will pay additional Instructions:Write a report based on the information provided. I sent a detailed outline of what is expected. Data needs to be analyzed using IBM SSPS which I can offer access too in case not possible. I will provide the data like literature review but data needs to be analyzed etc. report can be as many pages does not need to be 6 but if more I will pay the additional. Paper is Due December 7th at 1 pm Pacific Time no exceptions. Please let me know if not possible.

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