Swisher Mower and Machine Company



Swisher Mower and Machine Company

Case Guideline Questions

There are two affirmative decisions that are required if Swisher is to accept the proposal described in the case.  First, it must make strategic sense.  Second, it must make financial sense.  Think about this decision in the context of a broader strategy for Swisher.  Your 1-2 Page Summary should focus on Q#3, but bring in facts from Q#1 and Q#2 to support your reasoning.

  1. To better understand Swisher’s situation in the lawn care market, perform a SWOT analysis.  Come up with what you believe is its top 3 strengths, top 3 weaknesses, top 3 opportunities, and top 3 threats.  Look for important patterns that may emerge from this analysis that is relevant to the question at hand.  You may want to think beyond the information in the case to consider the types of competitive threats by mower producers already in mass merchandisers.
  2. Identify points of leverage, problems, vulnerabilities, and constraints.  There may or may not be one or more of each.
  3. Should Swisher accept the proposal?  Make a list of no more than 5 pros and 5 cons regarding the proposal.  From this list make your decision.
  4. One input into this decision is a financial analysis of the profitability of the contract.  On the other side of this page, you will find a list and explanation of the incremental costs associated with this deal.  Based on this, how much incremental profit can Swisher expect to make on this deal?  What percent of total company profits would this represent?

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