Technology Society and Culture.



Technology Society and Culture Week 7 Discussion Questions (4)
*Please answer each question individually and accurately. Must cite any and all references in APA format. Label each solution with the corresponding question. Copy and pasted solutions will NOT be accepted. Minimum 2-3 quality paragraphs per question 
Part A: Employee Monitoring
1. Please share your thoughts about the article in the website link below, titled "Firms step up employee monitoring at work".
2. Suppose your employer allows you to use your own smartphone for work purposes but only if the employer can install software to erase the phone's information if it is lost, stolen, or if you leave the company. Describe the possible pros and cons you would consider in deciding whether to accept this agreement. What do you think your final decision would be?
Part B: Technology and the Job Market
1. Technology has replaced some jobs that humans used to manually do, but not all.  Please share what you think the future will hold with technology and jobs that humans are currently doing.
2. Please share your thoughts about the article in the website link below, titled "Rise of the Machines: The Future has Lots of Robots, Few Jobs for Humans".

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