Terrorist Attack



A Research Paper (between 10-12 pages + works cited) - Pick a topic that ultimately has a question that needs to be answered (paper should be an argument or an analysis). 

The research paper should be no less than 10 pages but it may be more than 10 (plus works cited page, for a total of 10 to 13 pages). This paper may be related to your intended major, though I will accept other topics as long as they are academic. Must include references and a Works Cited page, presented in MLA format. Your references must include books, journals, and databases from the library. No internet sources are allowed. Your argument should be fully developed and presented and should be supported with facts, evidence, and citations.  

**I need help reworking my Research Paper, and producing a polished final draft. The topic I picked is 9/11 and the terrorist attacks. I have attached the first draft of my paper, but it needs to be reworked and developed. I will tip to double the price listed for a complete final draft.

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