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FCS 335 Families in Society

Final Essay

ESO 10: Students will demonstrate knowledge of human diversity and differentiate its various

forms, such as economic, cultural, social or political, both locally and globally.

Humans seek well-being, self-expression and identity in multiple ways through differing

customs, cultural artifacts, and practices. These patterns of behavior are identified with

different forms of belonging, which are associated with various types of economic,

political, cultural, and social groupings and patterns of interaction. It is important to

understand the scope of diversity, and also the potential for conflict and cooperation that

are inherent among and between diverse groups. Ideally these outcomes are best met

through experiential learning.

The current society is made up of many variations of family composition; some presenting

challenges, others providing great individual rewards or contributions to society.

In a 300 – 500 word essay (1 – 2 pages) analyze an alternative family form to better understand

and appreciate human diversity. Discuss the challenges and/or opportunities and impact to our

society. Cite additional resources (wikipedia and blogs are NOT recommended) and offer your

thoughtful analysis of the phenomenon in our society (local / national / global).

A. Individuals impaired physically and / or mentally

B. Economic disparity – extreme wealth vs. extreme poverty

C. Separation via military service, incarceration, generational, etc.

D. Gender / identity dysphoria / LGBT

E. Faith-based

F. New immigrant / refugee

In a second essay 200 – 300 words (1 page) respond to the following:

All things considered, is a sense of ethnicity (a sense of identification with and loyalty to one’s

group) good or bad? Harmful or helpful? What would be lost if Americans lost their sense of

ethnicity? What would be gained? How would society be strengthened? Weakened?

EVALUATION: This portion of the final is worth 50 points / 50% Each essay = 25 points

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