The article on the beginning and end to Fantomina’s story

general article writing



Write a 3-5 sentence summary of the story that includes the main characters named above and all major

conflicts from the story

Homework Ten: Maze Activity

Using the maze below, plot primary events and players from the novella on the image. Be sure to

include events that mark the beginning and end to Fantomina’s story. If an event leads to a dead-end,

plot it in such a way. Likewise, if it presents opportunity for advancement, plot it in a passageway.

Consider what the maze symbolizes, as well as how many people are actually “in” the maze. If you are

feeling brave, you are welcome to create your own maze from scratch.

Once you’ve plotted the events, write a 2-3 paragraph commentary on the maze metaphor and how it

works/doesn’t work in this story.

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