The Benefits of Higher Education and Academic Integrity



The Benefits of Higher Education and Academic Integrity
Assignment Overview: Write a 4–page reflective research paper on the benefits of higher
education and the role of academic integrity in contributing to those benefits. Reflect on your
personal experience as a college student and the values you hold in terms of your education.
Explain your reasons for returning to school, and offer a personal reflection on the value formal
education has added to your life. Discuss the role of academic integrity in scholarship, why
university students should uphold university standards and values, and how you see yourself as
part of this tradition.

Your paper should include the following topics:

  •  a discussion of the benefits of higher education;
  •  a reflection on academic integrity and why students should uphold university standards;
  •  a reflection on your personal experiences as a college student, including your reasons for
returning to school and the value it has brought to your life;
  •  how you see yourself as responsible for maintaining academic integrity and why it’s
Your paper should include the following components:
  • Research from reliable and/or scholarly sources (preferably found at the Ashford
Library) to discuss the benefits of higher education;
  •  APA formatting, following the APA Checklist at the Ashford Writing Center;
  •  In-text citations and corresponding References list.
The goal of this paper is for the student to reflect on his/her role in the education process as well
as its role in his/her life. The paper will be evaluated by the following criteria:
  •  Paper follows college essay structure components.
  •  All topics in the assignment prompt receive coverage.
  •  Appropriate sources are incorporated as supporting evidence.
  •  The paper is properly formatted according to APA Guidelines.
  •  The student demonstrates an understanding of the role of academic integrity.
  •  Evidence of student reflection on their efforts to maintain academic integrity standards.
The student is encouraged to contact the Ashford Writing Center at any stage of the writing process for
further explanation or guidance.

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