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Description: In a dark area outside at night or in a large dark room inside, set the camera on a stable surface (or tripod) with an extended shutter speed set (manual setting).  Using manual mode, practice “painting with light” by using a flashlight, spotlight, external flash or any other light source to paint the scene with light as the shutter remains open and the camera is stable absorbing the light. To further prevent motion blur or movement during the process, activate the camera remotely or by using a time delay setting. This way, no contact will be made with the camera at the time the shutter opens.

Referring to your owner’s manual, determine the longest shutter speed setting possible and practice using shutter speeds between 5 seconds and 1 minute until you get the desired result. Longer shutter speed settings are acceptable if your camera has such capability. Ideally, night time shots should look as close to daylight shots as possible, without overexposing the scene. For setting adjustments, you may refer to online instruction manuals or research sites such as (here you may find a helpful review of your particular camera and its capabilities).  

You will post your best photo taken in dark conditions where you practiced painting with light. The scene should represent an Overall photograph and not a Reference or Close-up photo. Remember you are simulating a static crime scene and not creating a busy scene with lots of movement.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Be sure to include with your submission how long you left the shutter open and what auxiliary light source you used to paint the scene.  Keep in mind that a shutter speed of "1/5" does not mean the shutter was open for 5 seconds but rather 1/5 of one second (which would not meet the required 5 second minimum exposure time for this assignment).   Be sure to post your photo directly into your thread for all to see instantly (re-read Week 3's posted announcements in Blackboard for help) and not as an attachment of any kind.  Be sure to paint the entire scene w/ light!     

Biblical Application Summary: In addition, please include two to three sentences that address the Biblical application summary aspect of this assignment:

1. What is one passage that speaks of light and darkness, and how might we apply it to this assignment or crime scene in general?

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