The clients will be the population of the year 2430, who are anticipated to be technically savvy and technologically high-end.



Project title: Building up a high-tech restaurant in year 2430.

The clients will be the population of the year 2430, who are anticipated to be technically savvy and technologically high-end. In the future, human will focus on high-level development work. Robot replace human to make food and delivery to customers for improving environmental hygiene and standard process. Human can spend more time on what they really interested in.

It is an entirely new venture, which has not been implemented due to the technical and technological incapability in the existing generation.

The project is anchored on the gradual and dynamic technological advancement, which the current generation is experiencing and which is projected to be of high magnitude and intensity in 2430.


1.1         Business Objectives:

The high-tech restaurant will have:

1. Lights in the restaurant are controlled by tech, and could perform light shows during business time

2. Food taste depends on customers' personal preference. Food always stays fresh, smart purchasing system. Food calories shown on the menu

3. Smart menu, shows the language that the customer can read.


1.2         Project requirements

1.2.1        Categories of Requirements

Brief Description of the project.

The high-tech restaurant in year 2430 shall be manned by humanoid robots made in physical appearance and designed from same functional purpose resembling those of a human being. The robots shall utilize bipedal locomotive mechanisms and should generate output and feedback for every input just the way human beings function. It shall, therefore, use a cognitive interface to learn and comprehend sensory information, which will enable it to perform perceptual, textural, and motor skill functionality. They will perform human tasks as assistance through, which they will be able to run all the function of the restaurant only with one human being in control. They will be able to handle and use equipment and process orders faster than the humans. The orders of the restaurant shall be made on online platform, which the robot intelligently receives and decodes, the human being in control will act as a chef whereas the robots will handle all the other tasks from kitchen, service line, stores, to the shipping bay.

List the Scope of Work - Statement of Work

·         Inquiries made on online platforms

·         Population of orders to the robots and the system by the intelligent server system

·         Confirmation of orders and payment requirements are made electronically

·         Processing of the order by the robots

·         Delivery of the order (outside client) or serving the client (internal orders)

·         Storage of orders in a Work in Progress inventory (WIP), awaiting collection.


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