The company that I selected is APPLE INC iPhone MacBook etc

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please include 25 references or more as well. The paper needs to be highly researched so references

The company that I selected is APPLE INC. (iPhone, MacBook, etc.)

This homework involves selecting a firm of your choice (other than the firm for your strategic audit) and conducting an external environmental and industry analysis for the firm. Specifically, I want you to:

offer a brief introduction to the company including the company history,

a brief industry overview,

an in-depth qualitative AND quantitative analysis (e.g., correlation and regression analysis) of how environmental variables have impacted the firm in the past,

an in-depth qualitative AND quantitative analysis (e.g., correlation and regression analysis) of how industry forces (Porters five forces) have impacted the firm, and

a literature review of environmental and industry variables and how they influence organizations.

The literature review should be integrated with your analysis; please review the samples (attached to this question, Krispy Kreme and Target). The objective of this homework is to make you more aware of how environmental trends and industry forces need to be considered when elaborating strategic plans/audits. This homework will be graded based on the identification of the relevant variables, the in-depth analysis of those variables including their trends and their impact on the firm (preferably quantitative), and the breadth and depth of your literature review on the topic.

This paper should be at least 10 pages NON-double spaces/ 20 pages DOUBLE spaced of context. Reference pages are not included on this count. Please include the reference pages APA style after the 20 pages double spaced.

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