The core business rules of the Uber information system to draw the ERD



Question 1 – Entity-Relationship Diagrams

Draw an entity-relationship diagram for the following scenario. Your diagram must include

  • entities, attributes, relationships
  • primary & foreign keys for all entities
  • cardinality & modality for all relationships
  • A driver (defined by DriverID, Driver Name, DOB) drives at least one car (defined by CarID, Rego Number, Make), but may drive more than one car. Each car is driven by exactly one driver.
  • A car is registered in exactly one area (defined by CityID, City Name) and each area can have several registered cars.
  • A car can fulfill more than one ride (defined by RideID, Ride Date, Ride Time, Kilometres), but a car may not have fulfilled any ride. Each ride is fulfilled by exactly one car.
  • A customer (defined by CustomerID, Customer Name) can request more than one ride, but a customer may not have requested any ride. Each ride is requested by exactly one customer.

as stated in the scenario. Follow the notation presented in Weeks 3 & 4. You must use software to draw your diagram, e.g., Microsoft Word/PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress/Draw or

Paste a screenshot of your completed diagram into your Assignment Answers document.


The core business rules of the Uber information system to draw the ERD are:

-- Note: DriverID, CarID, CityID, RideID, and CustomerID are unique identifiers.

The complete diagram consists of 48 items.

An item is: an entity / an attribute / a key (primary or foreign) / a relationship / a cardinality / a modality.

For each item that is correct, you get 0.2 points. In addition, you get up to 0.4 points for presentation (that is if everything is readable and unambiguous).

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