The course grade will be based on the following components and percentage allocation:



Course Evaluation


                        The course grade will be based on the following components and percentage allocation:


1)  Individual attendance and  participation in weekly group discussion.  (20%)


2) Satisfactory completion of individual assignments.


3) Assignments  (30%)  –  10% for each weekly  assignment


4) Final Assignment  (50%) –  Completed   Strategic Audit of chosen organisation – due in 1 month  after completion of the Module.



Company Project


The Company Project is a special element in the learning process of the Strategy Module  in the M.B.A. Programme.  It involves individual research on a company.  Please choose a Company from a Bourse/Stock Exchange. Ensure that you can obtain sufficient relevant information on your chosen Company to enable you to complete  your individual  Project.


Structure of the Project


The Company Project is an individual exercise.


The structure of the project is provided as an Appendix herein. The lecturer will guide the students in the development of the project.


An individual assignment is undertaken in each of the first three weeks to provide practice in  researching relevant aspects of your chosen company. These will provide opportunities for discussion during the class. 


The Final Written Document should be professional in layout and presentation: references, spellings, and relevance of material included.


During the course of the semester, class time will be allocated for discussion of the development of the Project and an assessment of its progress and any challenges you may have.



Learning Outcomes


1) Identify and apply the principal concepts and ideas in the theory and practice of strategic management


2) Analyse, interpret and apply data and information and present reasoned conclusions


3) Understand the internal and external factors affecting an organisation, and apply the knowledge to evaluate the strategic position


4) Identify appropriate strategies based on the evaluation of the organisation’s objectives and position


5) Identify the appropriate methods of implementing chosen strategies and evaluate their impact on organisational structures and operations


6) Perform a strategic audit of a designated organisation as part of group project work





Participants will commence the Company Project throughout the duration of the Module.


Each weekly assignment will be submitted by the beginning of the following week to provide an opportunity for discussion and feedback.


The Final Project Document must be submitted within four (4) weeks of the completion of the Module.


The Final Project Document should be at a distinctly higher qualitative level than the sum of the individual weekly assignments.


Assignments will not be accepted after this date.


When posting your assignments please ensure that a cover page is included which should contain  A)  your  Name  B) Title of the Assignment  C) Your Class Code e.g. MBA.



The Company Project will be guided by the Strategy Professor, but it is fundamentally the responsibility of each individual.



If you have any queries then email me prior to the closing date for submissions.


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