The Dynamic Array Class

computer science


Project: The Dynamic Array Class

For this project you are to implement a generic dynamic array class. It will be a

templated class that provides the basic features of an array.

class RuntimeException // generic run-time exception



std::string errorMsg;


RuntimeException(const std::string& err) { errorMsg = err; }

std::string getMessage() const { return errorMsg; }


class InvalidIndex : public RuntimeException



InvalidIndex(const std::string& err): RuntimeException(err) {};


template <class dynElem>

class dynarr {


int capacity;

dynElem *A;


dynarr(): capacity(0), A(0){};

dynarr(int N): capacity(N), A(new dynElem[N]){}

dynarr(const dynarr<dynElem> &other);


dynarr<dynElem> & operator=( const dynarr<dynElem> &other);

dynElem & operator[](int ndx) throw(InvalidIndex);

int getCapacity();

void reserve(int newcap);

// if newcap <= capacity, does nothing;

// if capacity is 0, allocates a dynamic array of

// capacity newcap and makes A point to that array;

// otherwise allocates a new dynamic array newA of capacity

// newcap, copies values in A to newA, deletes A and sets

// A equal to newA


// Provide the missing code for the class methods:

You will be given an incomplete file dynarr.h. You are to complete the code in that

file and submit it. It is the only file you are to submit.

Also, you will be given a program to test your implementation (testDynarray.cpp)

and a file containing the correct output when you run this program. The correct output

is shown below:

The capacity of D is 15

The capacity of E is 15

The capacity of D is now 25

The capacity of E is now 30

D[0] = 11

Array index is negative

Array index is too large

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