The effects of a Pandemic in a Micro Economic Environment



Micro Economics

BUS 411


Final Project – The effects of a Pandemic in a Micro Economic Environment

Ø Pick a company e.g Amazon

Ø Illustrate the effects of the current pandemic on the functionality of the company i.e.  policy changes, changes on work hours/virtual work, expansion/reduction of the workforce.

Ø Collect and summarize data that demonstrates the financial effects on the company.

Ø You will utilize the knowledge from the chapters that we have studied in the textbook. i.e. the Demand-Supply Curve movements/shifts and their effects.

Ø Create a project report – complete with index, bibliography, references.

Ø The project is worth 50% of the final grade.

Ø The report is due to be emailed to me on Friday, June 5th by 12 noon.



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