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Cause and Effect Essay

Please write  5 paragraph essay(Introduction /  Body paragraph 1,2,3 /  Conclusion)focusing on the causes OR the effects of ONE of the following topics. Remember that your thesis statement must clearly indicate your argument. Remember to use examples to make your case. Focus on offering clear and specific evidence.

Use the following transitional statements to connect your ideas:   


As a result,                                                                                                     

As a consequence,                                                                                    






One reason why ...

One of the most important reasons why ...

The main reasons why ...

There are other reasons, too, ...

Topics:  The effects of gaming (childern's)    

The three main ideas I think are Less time to study, Health problems due to lack of exercise, Less opportunity to make friends.

This is just my opinion. If you think about the other problematic influence of teachers, please write down it.!!!

Word count : About 500 words

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