The election campaign in USA

social sciences


Answer BOTH of the following essay questions. In 1500 to

2000 words in MLA style (also include in-text citation) and

have at least five good references (not Wikipedia) for each


1. With the election campaign nearing its climax in the USA, we

should examine the impact that computing has on politics and

elections. Computers are ubiquitous in the election process

from the voter registration lists to electronic voting machines

in many states to party donator and supporter lists to

spreading the party’s message. Social media has become a

battlefield for warring parties. Discuss the role that computing

has played in this year’s election. What are the benefits gained

from using computers in the election process and what are the

risks? What are the ways that other countries or organizations

could interfere with the outcome of the election through the

use of computing? What could be done to ensure that

computing does not compromise the fair election process?

What role do you see computing playing in future elections?

2. Alan Turing wrote his seminal paper on “Computing

Machinery and Intelligence” in 1950

This spawned many years of research on what became known

as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Discuss the advances made in AI

since Turing wrote the paper. What were the key discoveries

made and why were they so important? Then discuss how we

interact with AI today and the impact that AI has on our lives.

Finally, consider the future – what role do you think AI will

play in our lives in 20 years? 50 years?

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