Review the development profile of anyone African country

social sciences


Assignment Type 4 (15%: You may do this assignment individually or with a group


Assignment Instructions: This assignment may be done individually or in teams: 1. Review the development profile of any one African country of your choice and

come up with one substantive flaw/gap of/in in its post-colonial development, and based on this flaw state a critical development need of that African country. State this need in a RESEARCH PROBLEM STATEMENT format (that is, a statement that clearly SHOWS what is missing from the country's development that

needs to be addressed). 2. Formulate a CENTRAL QUESTION that directly flows from the problem

statement. 3. Provide a maximum of two pages written report containing an answer to this central question; a report that a) Has an introduction section showing the selected country's brief colonial

history, geography, demography, material resources, the current socioeconomic situation or human condition

Proposes specific project and a design/strategies to help address the critical need.

Applies any of the key sociological concepts of the course to this critical need

Shows the response(s) of any of the sociological paradigms and its corresponding theory of development introduced in this course to the project you propose

A conclusion The above criteria will be used to grade your country profile assignment

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