The goals of this combined part-individual and part-team project are:



The goals of this combined part-individual and part-team project are:

1. Individually - to develop your skills and competencies with using the “Tableau Desktop 2019” application to manipulate, visualize and develop datadriven stories from large datasets and to create a data-driven story based on the insights extracted from the datasets; and

2. With your “Tableau Team” (mostly three person teams, some two person teams: you can find your Tableau Team assignment in the “Tableau Assignment Resources” folder under “Resources” in Sakai/Courses):

a. apply these skills to analyze at least 2-3 (one per team member) of the “Open Data” datasets provided by the City of Los Angeles through its “DataLA” initiative to support dat-driven planning and decision making;


b. design and develop a Tableau story that contains 4 slides per team member (8 slides total for 2-person teams; 12 slides total for 3-person teams) about the most interesting insights that you have gleaned from the datasets that are relevant to your clients business decision-making needs (more details on this below)


1. Go to the access page for Pepperdine’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning at 

2. Click on “SIGN IN” and enter your Pepperdine login ID and password. 

3. Create a LinkedIn Learning profile for yourself (if not have not already done this) so that it can keep track of all the training courses that you have completed, and allow you to continue a course from a previous session. 

4. Search for the July 2019 version of the “Tableau Essential Training” course (this link should take you to the course)

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