What type of heavy equipment is used? And, why aren’t they afraid to hit the deposits of bone?



The Bones of Badger Hole (Time Team America)


Movie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LjODHHusBo

Additional information - https://www.pbs.org/time-team/explore-the-sites/bones-badger-hole/


Answer the following questions and turn in Answers should be typed not hand-written. Print them out and bring them in. Answer should be on a new paper make sure to number all the answers!


Day 1


1. Who were the earliest inhabitants of the United States?


2. What is an arroyo?


3. How does seismic tomography work?


4. What is a Nick Point (or Knick Point)?


5. What type of heavy equipment is used? And, why aren’t they afraid to hit the deposits of bone?


6. Cooper site.  a) During what time period was it occupied.  b) How many bison remains were recovered?  c) How many different kills occurred at the site? d) Did the kills occur all at the same time?


7. What are opportunist hunters?


8. What is the Cooper painted skull and what may it represent?


9. Approximately 10,000 years ago did the bow and arrow exist? Were there horses?


10. How do bison move across the prairie?


11. What is the theory for hunting bison 10,000 years ago?


Day 2


12. What happens to bone exposed to the air?


13. What does it mean that a tail vertebrae was found on the site?


14. What can ancient pollen remains tell us?


15. What is the date on the lowest level of Badger Hole and what method was used to establish this date?


16. What did the modern river do to the site?


17. What is LiDAR and what did Meg fine using this technique?


18. Why were the bones at Jake’s bluff left in place?


19. What do the three arroyos tell us about the hunters and how they used the landscape?


20. What bones have evidence of cut marks? And what does the position of the bones tell us?


21. What do impact fractures tell us about the death of the bison at Badger Hole?


22. What is XRF (x ray fluorescence)? What does it do? a) What does it do? b) Can we source the stone used to make projectile points to the quarry? c) Is the material found at the site local or where the tools made elsewhere? 

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