The greatest of all Chinese lawgivers, Confucius, did not esteem written laws



Chapter 1: The greatest of all Chinese lawgivers, Confucius, did not esteem written laws. He believed that good rulers were the best guarantee of justice. Does our legal system rely primarily on the rule of law or the rule of people? Which do you instinctively trust more? Chapter 2: Many of America’s largest consumer product companies, such as Wal-Mart, Nike and Land’s End, buy fabric produced in China by Fountain Set Holdings Ltd. Chinese government investigators recently discovered that Fountain Set has contaminated a local river by dumping dye waste into it. What responsibility do U.S. companies have to ensure safe environmental practices? Chapter 3: Annie and Bart are coworkers. In fact, they share a cubicle wall. Recently, they were involved in a fender-bender in the company parking lot. Each blames the other for the accident, and the two have stopped speaking. Would you advise them try to settle their dispute through arbitration, mediation or with a traditional lawsuit? Why? Chapter 4: Until recently, every state had a statute outlawing the burning of American flags. But in Texas v. Johnson, the Supreme Court declared such statutes unconstitutional, saying that flag burning is symbolic speech, protected by the First Amendment. Does Congress have the power to overrule the Court’s decision?​

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