The group research paper in BA 787 involves comparing and contrasting the economic conditions of the two countries



The group research paper in BA 787 involves comparing and contrasting the economic

conditions of two countries. The pairs of countries have been carefully chosen to

illustrate wide ranges in economic success stories.

Direction for choosing groups:

 Group sizes can range from 2-4 members; however, the minimum required

length of the group paper proportionally increases with more members.

 Working in a group allows for specialization and reduces the number of topics

each student needs to research.

 A student may choose to work alone on the course paper; however, the minimum

required the length of the paper is 10 pages (not including the cover page, table of

contents, and reference pages).

Directions for choosing pairs of countries:

 No group member can be from or have lived in, one of the countries in the pair.

 A group cannot choose the same pair of countries as another group.

Choices are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

The instructor reserves the right to assign countries to a group.

 A group can choose a pair of countries not listed below – if given explicit

permission from the instructor.

 Students must verify their chosen pair of countries with the instructor

before starting on the group research paper.

 Students must email the instructor their top three choices by Friday of Week 1.

Pairs of countries to choose from:

  •  Canada & Mexico
  •  Sweden & Cuba
  •  India & Pakistan
  •  China & Russia
  • Germany & Zimbabwe
  •  Japan & Spain
  •  South Korea & North Korea
  •  Brazil & Greece
  •  Australia & South Africa
  •  Nepal & Bangladesh
  •  Saudi Arabia & Somalia
  •  Switzerland & Ukraine
  •  Hong Kong & Taiwan

BA 787 Group Paper Directions Week 1

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Basic formatting directions and guidelines:

Group paper grades will be partly determined by formatting and visual organization.

Do not deviate from this list:

Type in a single standard font (Times or Arial) and 12 point font size.

 Use 1-inch margins and indent paragraphs by 0.5 inches.

 The group paper must be double-spaced.

 Do not write in bulleted lists (like this list).

 Type in paragraph form and use complete sentences.

 Compile and submit the final group paper in 1 file in Microsoft Word.

 In addition to the reference page(s), cite references within the paragraph using

APA format (or another professional-level format).

 The Group Paper Format directions contain many questions to consider when

reading about the pair of countries. Some questions may not apply to certain

countries. Use the questions as a guide to writing the body of the paper. Do not

rewrite the questions followed by answers. The group paper should be in a

paragraph and essay format.

 Wikipedia and Investopedia are unacceptable sources for information. Students

may view these websites for their personal use, but the information provided in

group paper must come from reliable sources.

Length of group paper:

The minimum required the length of the body of the paper is 4-6 pages PER group

members, in addition to the introduction and conclusion sections.

Examples: Two group members – total minimum required length is 10-16

pages. Three members – the total minimum required length is 14-22 pages.

 Note: Pages must be double-spaced.

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