Economic Growth and Stability



The External Environment- Danielle Buxton

Competitive Pressures

Identify the firm's major competitors (brand, product, generic, and total budget):

Identify the characteristics of the firm's major competitors:




Target markets


Key strengths and weaknesses

Key marketing capabilities (production, distribution, promotion, pricing)

List any potential (future) competitors not identified in the preceding.

Economic Growth and Stability

Identify the general economic conditions of the country, region, state, and local area

in which the firm operates:

Explain the economic climate with respect to customers:


Consumer confidence

Purchasing patterns (buying power)

Business-to-business economic conditions

Political, Legal, and Regulatory Issues

Identify any political activities that affect the firm or the industry:

Changes in elected officials (domestic or foreign)

Industry (lobbying) groups

Consumer groups

Identify any changes in international, federal, state, or local laws and regulations that

affect the marketing activities of the firm or the industry:

Recent court decisions

Recent rulings of federal, state, local, and self-regulatory agencies

Changes in global trade agreements or trade law

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