The intent of the learning process of this assignment is to watch the group video section when you were the therapist, reflect on a section and then write about it with additional consideration for strengths and weaknesses



Assignment part 1

For transcript #2, please make sure to complete the assignment as requested. The intent of the learning process of this assignment is to watch the group video section when you were the therapist, reflect on a section and then write about it with additional consideration for strengths and weaknesses. It is purely based on the role play where you were the therapist. 

In the attached video, i am the black guy who is serving the therapist role. please watch the video very carefully and writer 3 page  transcript. The girl in the video is my client and i am the therapist 

In addition to transcribing your session, you are required to analyze your responses and determine:

A) “What basic counseling skill (if any) was I using, and why?”

B) “Was I successful? How do I know?” You will answer these questions with all of your responses, even the nonverbals.

please be looking to document the following:

1- What are the skills that are used that you have learned in class - document any counseling techniques that have been discussed. (examples includes cognitive behavioral therapy, empathy, listening/observing, asking questions and unconditional positive regard.

2- Document how the counselor is checking for a plan, intention, and how they are establishing if there is a threat to the client's safety


The example provided in the attached document is only to provide you with an idea of how to write about what happened in YOUR group role play when you were the therapist.

Again, please review the attached description of the assignment requirements and reach out to me if you have any questions related to it.


Client: I really thought this time my mother wouldn’t be drinking, you know. After the last time the family got together she promised that she wouldn’t and when I’d spoken to her lately she seemed sober. So, I was so surprised when we went over on Thanksgiving and she seemed half-in-the-bag already—it was only noon! I looked at my wife in shock and gave my mother a quick hug. My dad wouldn’t even look me in the eye; he just busied himself with getting folding chairs from the basement. About an hour later, I went in the kitchen for more potato chips and saw her drinking a dark drink with ice in it. I know my mom’s patterns; it must have been full of vodka and a little Pepsi. I started crying right there, I couldn’t even say anything. I just went to the closet, got my wife’s and my coat told my sister who was staring at me “I can’t take this shit I gotta go!” My wife looked embarrassed, but mostly sad for me when we were going out the door. I don’t know if I did the right thing, I just knew it hurt too much to stay there.

Therapist: It sounds like you were sad, and a little doubtful.

[I chose to go with a response of basic empathy because I wanted to have a short, yet caring response to his painful story in order to get him to go on. Even though his next responses indicated I got his emotions wrong, I still think it was successful in that he became surer of his emotions]

Client: Well, I am sad, but I’m not doubtful. In fact, now that I think about it, I’m feeling even more certain I did the right thing. She needs to know I won’t be around when she drinks and I know that there are some things I just can’t, and don’t have to, be around.

Assignment part 2 is a progress note/ This is still base on the video(one page will be enough for this section)

Subjective Information:



 Objective Findings:







 Plans for Next Session:


Instruction Files

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