The last exam for this course will only be in R as you will see below.



1. The last exam for this course will only be in R as you will see below. 

2. Most of the content is from the last two videos. However, you are expected to know other basics of R programming. 

3. Since this is the last exam, I expect everyone to have a good knowledge, or at least an understanding, of R programming. It seems to be the case from the previous exam results. To that end, I will not offer assistance in coding. I will answer general questions, but nothing pertaining to how to implement the code to complete the activity. 

4. The exam has two parts. The second part is dependent on the first part. 

5. While I will give partial credit if you complete the activity as expected, I will be strict on offering full credit depending on how the code is written. I noticed in the last exam that many implementations had redudant copy and paste of code with inefficient manipulation of arrays, data structures (in general) and loops/logical statements. I will be extra particular on this regard as this is the last exam and I want it to be a good challenge for your learning and understanding. 

6. You have to submit only one R script this time

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