The Layout Mockup should be drawn using shapes and textboxes to look similar to Figure



1. Worksheet 1 – Tab Labeled  Mockup

  -- The Layout Mockup should be drawn using shapes and textboxes to look similar to Figure 1-3 (link is shown above).  I should see the questions that correspond to the components in the Dashboard.  Figure 1-3 has examples of questions. 

2. Worksheet 2 – Tab Labeled  Map

 -- Add a data model map tab to your data model. The map tab essentially summarizes the key ranges in the data model and allows you to document how each range interacts with the dashboard components in the final presentation layer. The idea is to give yourself a handy reference (using Hyperlinks) that guides you through the elements in your data model. The columns will be called TAB, CELL RANGE, PURPOSE, COMPONENT.

3. Worksheet 3 – Tab Labeled  Dashboard


4. Worksheet 4 - Tab Labeled DATA

5. Analysis Worksheets - Tabs Labeled

  •  Analysis 1 ,  
  •  Analysis 2 ,  
  •  Analysis 3  , and so on. 


  • You will complete a dashboard project. You will make a dashboard using the project data.  Each Dashboard must fit entirely on a single computer screen so it can be monitored at a glance. 
  • You can create subsets of the data as needed to create your components. 
  • Document the logic in your data model by using comments and labels liberally. To receive credit, I MUST be able to find everything.
  • Company goals to consider when creating the Dashboard:

    1. Increase Planned Revenue Amount each year by 5%
    2. Increase Gross Profit by 11% each year

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