The most popular methods for companies of Internet advertising



Please see attached to help me out get started with a marketing paper.  Please use complete sentences, proper tenses and stay on the focus of the subject.  MUST USE THE BELOW AS A REFERENCE, in addition to other references.

2016FA1-BME-213804-01: Overview

A Preface to Marketing Management, J. Paul Peter and James H. Donnelly, Jr., 14th edition, McGraw-Hill.:

  • Chapters 8 and 9

Internet advertising has become one of the most popular methods for companies to deliver their

product messages. As mentioned previously, there are four main objectives that marketers wish to

accomplish with advertising: 1) awareness; 2) comprehension; 3) conviction and 4) ordering. The

task of your learning essay is to explore how Internet advertising can be used to accomplish these

four objectives.

You should begin your essay with an intro on internet advertising; then, answer four questions:

- how can internet advertising be used to accomplish awareness?

- how can internet advertising be used to accomplish comprehension?

- how can internet advertising be used to accomplish conviction?

- how can internet advertising be used to accomplish ordering?

When answering each question, provide 2-3 examples.

For awareness, you may use Amazon's website []. What features of this

website are designed to trigger awareness in the consumer? How? Explain.  Also, it is a good idea

to compare companies in your examples. Is one more effective than other at generating awareness?


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