The null and alternative hypotheses



Instructions: Answer the following questions. Do not just cut and paste output as your answer. You may include output and code as an appendix at the end of your assignment. When asked to run a test, please include ALL of the following 1. The null and alternative hypotheses 2. The result with p-value 3. State if you reject the null hypothesis or not 4. One sentence conclusion in non-statistical language *** Questions I. Using the Cleveland data set, fit a regression model with HD_diag as the response and sex trestbps chol, and exang as the covariates. Include your output here. A. Evaluate the goodness of fit of the model using both Hosmer-Lemeshow test (using deciles of risk) and the Pearson Chi-square statistic. Assess whether the results of the 2 tests are consistent. II. On the basis of the logistic model with sex trestbps chol, and thalach as covariate, estimate the sensitivity and specificity of classifying subjects as having or not having heart disease diagnosis using the cut-off values for the probability of heart disease of 0.5. A. Repeat the previous exercise using the cut-off point specified b

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