The operation of the fb1300 and fb1400 furnaces includes the placement of the material and object

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The general mechanism of the operation of the fb1300 and fb1400 furnaces includes the

placement of the material and object to be heated in the combustion chamber. The entire

burning element which is some kind of resistive component through which the current passes is

placed in an insulator material coating which is ceramic fiber because of their high thermal

resistance and heat stability. The ceramic not only insulate the heating element but also

provide the sole purpose of protection. The temperature to which the object or test element

has to be heated is controlled with the help of the control knob present on the outside of the

body and this is done manually by the user and precautions have to be taken to keep the

temperature within the safe limits for the combustion to occur in contamination free

environment without alteration in final results. For the monitoring of the furnace the display is

present which gives the information about the temperature of the chamber to be viewed in the

form of mathematical digits. The safety features in the fb1300 are added by the manufacturer

in which the doors are connected by the power switches which require the power switches to

cut down the main supply when the door has to be opened for the inserting and taking out the

object to be heated. (Barnstead|Thermolyne, 1999) .

Companies Making Furnaces

One of the most prominent organizations making the muffle furnaces is the brainstead

Thermolyne Corporation. That has produced several type of instrument including the famous

fb1300 and fb1400 series (Barnstead|Thermolyne, 1999) . CM furnaces, is also a prominent

manufacturer of these instruments.

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