The presentation component outlined in this document (Value of 8%).



Revised Case-Study Presentation Details + Instructions (10%)

The following are the revised details to completing this assignment:

Due date: Friday, April 3rd at 11:59 PM 

Components: There are 2 parts in total (see details below). 

1) The presentation component outlined in this document (Value of 8%). 

2) An oral reflection to a separate presentation that students will view and analyze (Value of 2%). 

Submission Details: Please upload both part 1 (your presentation) and part 2 (your oral reflection) into the drop box on Avenue 2 Learn titled “Case-Study Presentation and Reflection”

Presentation Format: Individual (by yourself)

Presentation Restrictions: For this presentation you are not required to be physically standing beside your visuals. However, you must be visible in the recorded presentation. Feel free to use the “Record Slideshow” feature in Powerpoint. Or use, or another tool which records your face along with your Powerpoint or visual aids. 

The following are the revised instructions for completing the presentation: 

1. First, you may use the Case-Study that your group had decided on previously. If you have any questions, please contact your instructor. (Please see Avenue 2 Learn for the complete list). 

2. Next, you will read and review your chosen Case-Study to fully comprehend the situation and circumstances. 

3. After that, you will identify the core components of your chosen Case-Study (Introduction, Challenge, Solution, Result). 

4. Then, you will begin to organize your presentation using the Case-Study structure. 

5. Be sure to include visual aids to help support your presentation. You may reuse the visual aids in your case study documents or search for alternative visuals online. Identify which visual aids should be paired with which presentation content. Remember to include references as needed. 

6. Finally, you will rehearse and record your presentation. Once you are happy with your recording, upload it to Avenue 2 Learn using the appropriate drop-box. Please use MP4 files only!

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