The problem to be addressed by this study is…..In every society and across all classes sexual abuse occurs.



Problem Statement[RD1] [RD2] [RD3] [RD4] 

                The problem to be addressed by this study is…..In every society and across all classes sexual abuse occurs. Sexual abuse impacts millions across the globe and covers all the socio-economic classes. The majority of victims will not report the assault; they instead head to an emergency department. An American is sexually abused every 98 seconds (Vagianos, 2017). One out of every five Americans also seen sexual harassment in their lives attempted or done. Women aged 20-25 years have a probability of sexual abuse or alleged sexual violence. Girls aged 16 to 19 years of age are four times more likely to be victims of sexual abuse or sexual harassment than the general population. The incidence of sexual abuse is three times greater for college students 18-24 years of age than for people in general. Girls of the same age who have not studied at school can witness sexual harassment four times more frequently. The highest risk of sexual abuse is for women aged 12 to 34. A study showed that 37% of the overall abuse was characterized by rape, sexual abuse, theft, or aggravated assault. The incidence of self-reported abuse or sexual harassment has more than doubled in 2017 from 1.4 cases per 1,000 individuals 12 and over to 2.7 in 2018 (NSVRC, 2018).

                Gender does not only affect the victimization of sexual violence; race is a significant element in a person's likelihood of sexual abuse. The levels of sexual abuse within minority communities are higher. Women are targets of both classes, but some are more vulnerable than others (Bohra, Sharma, & Shruti Srivastava, 2015). The impact of sexual abuse is frequently overlooked. These costs may involve medical care, mental healthcare, victims' compensation, rehabilitation facilities, social resources, custody of offenders, punishment, penalty and loss of employment and standard of life for victims. The victims can be tested or monitored for any assault-related conditions including “sexually transmitted infections” (SIDs) (Islahi & Ahmad, 2015).  If a victim has a STI, more care might be required. Any individuals who recover can often receive behavioural health treatment with difficulties resulting from sexual harassment psychiatric abuse. Victims are often affected with neurological disorders arising from sexual harassment. Gynaecological issues are the most frequent connections to this kind of abuse. There are, however, many stomach and respiratory disorders and migraines correlated with a prior sexual abuse (Abamara, 2015).





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 [RD2]Should be 250-300 words; you have 392


Begin with “The problem to be addressed by this study is…” This statement should logically flow from the introduction and clearly identify the problem to be addressed by the study.  [RD3]

Succinctly discuss the problem and provide evidence of its existence [RD3].  

Identify who is impacted by the problem (e.g., individuals, organizations, industries,  or society), what is not known that should be known about it, and what the potential negative consequences could be if the problem is not addressed in this study.

Ensure the concepts presented are exactly the same as those mentioned in the Purpose Statement section.

Do not exceed 250-300 words.


 [RD4]This reads more like a report than a problem statement; please see the example I sent you  

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