What is your target caloric intake is going to be, and why you chose this number?




1.      (7pts) What is your target caloric intake is going to be, and why you chose this number? You can use the text book to assist you in this.

a.       Please be sure to indicate whether or not this caloric intake is going to help you to gain, lose or maintain your current weight.

2.      (10pts) Indicate what percentage of you total daily calories will come from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and why you chose those targets. Be sure to discuss what are the positive or negative health implications for these ranges. 

3.      (8pts) Indicate how many cups of fruits and vegetables you aim to eat each day. How does this align with the myplate.gov recommendation?  Briefly discuss the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, and the potential negative health outcomes one might experience from inadequate amounts of fruits and veggies in your diet.

Meal Plan (20pts)

4.      (10pts) You will need to provide a sample meal plan 1 full days worth of meals. This is not what you ate for 1 day, but a day worth of hypothetical meals that aligns with your responses above. Follow the format provided in the sample.

5.      (10pts)Using cronometer.com you will need to verify that your meal plan meets the calorie goal you set out for yourself within 50 calories (meaning it cannot be over or under by more than 50 calories) as well as your percentage of total calories from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins (within 5 percentage points). As well as tally your total servings of fruits and vegetables (must meet or exceed your goals).  You must include a screen shot of the foods you input on cronometer as well as the calorie information.

6.      See instructions on how to use cronometer on blackboard in the “Meal plan” folder for a reminder if necessary.


Written Response 25 points

Meal Plan 20 points


References 5 points

·         Follows appropriate formatting for written work.

·         Includes ample detail in responses

·         Uses proper grammar and punctuation


·         Follows provided format

·         Includes all details asked for

·         Well organized and easy to understand

·         Includes screen shot


Includes proper citation of all references


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