The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.



This is my topic: Describe the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), its impact on the auditing profession, and its role in fraud investigations. 

these are major key:

  • Identification of the key issues posed by the case.
  • The applicable stakeholders and their rights and obligations.
  • Which choices were or are available and what were or are the costs or tradeoffs?
  • Comment on how the situation was or should be resolved.
  •  Who (individual or group) was or will be impacted by the situation?
  • Any questions you believe should be considered by your readers about the case that will add substance to learning.
  • A paragraph to express your opinion about the case and issues involved. Be sure to back up your opinions. Remember, this is your opinion about the case and issues involved, not about how the article you are referring to was written.
  • Verify there is a reference with your paper to the article you are addressing. Usually that is referred to with an in-text reference in the sentence where you first refer to the article you selected.

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