The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts learned in this course by writing an assignment.



  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts learned in this course by writing an assignment.

    Action Items

    Answer the following questions-

    Marshall Healthcare System, a non-taxpaying entity, is planning to purchase imaging equipment, including an MRI equipment, for its new imaging center. This equipment is expecting to generate the following cash flows.

    Years 5

    Initial($ 15,000,000)


    Net operating

    cash flows

    $4,000,000, $5,000,000 $8,000,000 $16,000,000


    1. Determine the payback for the new MRI machine and should the project be accepted or  (2.5 Marks)

    2. Compare the Strengths and Weakness of Pay back method and NPV (Net Present Value) (2.5 Marks)

    Submission Instructions

    • Complete and submit this assignment according to your professor’s instructions.
    • The font should be 12 Times New Roman
    • Heading should be Bold
    • The color should be Black
    • Line spacing should be 1.5
    • Please use reliable references using APA format (at least two references for a credible source)

     Grading Criteria

    Accuracy and completion of assignment: 0 – 05 points.

    The following rubric will be used to assess this assignment. Please familiarize yourself with it and do not hesitate to refer back to it before, during, and after composing your response.



    Some Proficiency

    Limited Proficiency

    No Proficiency






    The purpose and focus are clear and consistent





    Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and mechanics are appropriate






    Information and evidence are accurate, appropriate, and integrated effectively






    Analysis/synthesis/evaluation/interpretation are effective and consistent





    Connections between and among ideas are made






    / 05


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