The Sales Promotion in hospitality and marketing.



The Sales Promotion

Please do not use the 8 steps of personal selling which is also located in chapter 12.  Use the

Sales Promotion.

Your viewpoint: you are a sales manager at the Provenance Hotels.  Additional properties are located at

the lower left of the Hotel Murano web page. You must use one of the Provenance properties listed.

  Do not create your own or use any other hotel.

You will create a "sales promotion." The purpose of this sales promotion is to generate new clients for

meetings.  By doing this and servicing the meetings, you can increase the revenue in meeting rooms as

well as food and beverage.

You can choose one of the categories that you learned about in your text such as corporate sales,

sports sales or association sales manager, SMERF (Social, Military, Educational, Religious and

Fraternal) manager.  Do a little research and look for actual local area business and create your sales

promotion project.  Many of these hotels have an "Attractions" tab to click on to find out what is in the

area.  For example, you may want your client to be

the military or glass museum at the Murano in Tacoma

the performing arts at the deluxe in Portland

coffee or brewing at Lucia in Portland

the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville at the Preston.

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