The significance of substance use disorders or mental health issues in your family



Part II: Family History Paper 

1. Write a 6-8 page (3000 – 4000 word) paper that assesses the significance of substance use

disorders or mental health issues in your family.

2. The paper should reflect your understanding of the family dynamics and other issues covered

in this course and should incorporate concepts and references as appropriate. Focus on key

themes in your paper; do not simply repeat the historical facts that are evident in the

genogram (e.g., names, family structure, dates).

3. At a minimum, include the following:

a) Introduction

b) Substance use disorder history and other emotional/mental health issues

c) Family themes or patterns that became evident through your interviews (including

possible genetic influences, family dynamics, social factors, intergenerational issues)

d) Identification of points at which treatment was offered or received, or at which

treatment/intervention might have had a beneficial effect, had it been offered.

e) Results/impact of treatment received

f) Significant events which may have impacted a family member’s substance use or which

may have been a direct result of his/her substance use or treatment

g) Identification of substance use and mental health risk factors for family members of your

generation and future generations

h) Professional assessment: Look at the information you have gathered as if you were a

professional substance abuse counselor. Do you believe that there are current substance

use issues that warrant intervention in the family that you have described? If so, where

would you direct educational, preventive, or treatment efforts? Explain your rationale.

i) Summary – a brief synopsis of what you learned in this project and its personal

significance for you.

4. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,

located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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