The Stamp Act Primary Sources



HIST 1377/Romero

Narrating Revolutionary Boston

Due Sunday 3/5 100 points/10% of the semester grade


1. This assignment demands creativity and hard work. To earn a high grade on the

project, you will need to watch the podcasts carefully, consult the textbook readings

from the past few weeks, and closely read “The Stamp Act Primary Sources" in this

week’s course module.

2. After you have done sufficient research on your subject, write at least three but

no more than five diary entries. The diary entries together can be no longer than two

single-spaced pages. Here are specific guidelines on the content:

 You will need to invent a believable colonial character situated in a British

American community that you choose after digesting the course materials.

 Give your character an appropriate name and think about how he or she fits

in the community in terms of gender, rank, race and the like before

proceeding with the assignment.

 Each diary entry must have a date that reflects your character’s involvement

in the Stamp Act crisis.

 Describe events that occurred on that date as much as possible and

demonstrate your character’s views on the Stamp Act after you read the

documents and develop a keen understanding of the range of positions on the


 Show a deep awareness of the people, places, and events that your character

would have engaged had he or she, in fact, lived in 18th century British

America. Demonstrate knowledge of your community that only locals might


Above all, have fun with the assignment and be creative in evoking the past

through this exercise in writing historical fiction.


Your assignment should bear your name and the due date. It cannot exceed two

single-spaced pages in 12-point font with 1-inch margins all around. Upload your

diary entries to the appropriate link in this week’s course module.

Your work will be assessed on the diary entries' historical accuracy, knowledge of

Boston’s people and places, and creativity. Do not use other people’s work from

websites or print sources. has and will catch students who cheat. Do

know that I will enforce the university’s academic honesty policy with vigor:

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