The Storm Short story by Kate Chopin

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Can someone please help me with this.  This is American literature

This paper is a three page (minimum) analysis of either/ or Henry James’s “Daisy Miller” or KateChopin’s “The Storm” as feminist expressions, supported by at least one critical or historical source separate from the introductory material in your textbook. The paper must follow MLA 8th Edition requirements for document format, in-text citations, and a Work Cited page, which will cite the story (or stories) as printed in our textbook and your one (or more) sources.T.Use quotes from the story and from your sources. Be specific. Do NOT use any Wiki-like or “shortcut” homework help sites. Clear any website sources that are not in the CPCC Library’s Research Databases with me. The best places to find information are in our CPCC Library’s Research Databases, particularly in the Literature Resource Center database.

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