The story of when wires down written by the Lillian Benyon Thoma and the story published in the Thrill Book, September 1, 1919. Born in York County,

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Research;  objective is to provide an introduction to the given text by way of investigating either its author,  its publisher, the publication which was printed ( if anthologized) or something significant about the story's historical context.  In the story, (When the wire ..) 

Using 750 words, you have to come up with research about the author, the periodical in which the story was first published, if and how the story was anthologized later, the story's historical context, etc. You must tell a coherent "story" about your research findings, including a brief introduction to your research question(s), a description of your sources, an explanation of your findings, and works cited (MLA) and a bibliography. Note: (the research has to do with Canadian literature (fiction)  and also avoid repetition)

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