The VP HR wants to understand the cultural issues that affected the Disneyland Paris opening.



In your report, you must address the following:

  1. The VP HR wants to understand the cultural issues that affected the Disneyland Paris opening. You must research Euro Disney Disneyland Paris and identify at least 3 cultural mistakes that WDC made when this park opened. You must also identify at least 3 changes that WDC made to address these problems.

  2. As part of a cultural exchange program, Disneyland Malaysia will be hiring 20 Global Business Management students for a six-month internship. The VP HR has asked you to prepare a brief report that explains the differences in Canadian and Malaysian culture. In your report you must address the following topics:
    1. Language
    2. Non-verbal communication
    3. Etiquette
    4. Business and Social Customs

For each topic, provide at least one example of a difference between the cultures.

  1. The Imagineers (Disney’s team of engineers) have asked for help designing a new interactive pavilion at Disneyland Malaysia that will teach tourists about Malaysian culture and traditions. Provide the team with a suggestion for the pavilion’s main theme and explain the elements of culture and tradition it will include. Remember, this will teach culture and tradition; it should not simply be a display of culture. You must explain the significance of the cultural symbols; icons or traditions, not just list them.

Guidelines for the report:

       It must be written in a report format with an introduction, conclusion and paragraphs with complete sentences. Do not use point-form.

       The information in this assignment must be supported by research. Use correct MLA style.

       All assignments must include a cover page with the assignment title, professor’s name, course and section, your full name (first and last name), student number and date.

Assignment must be submitted online through Blackboard SafeAssign. Hard copy and emailed submissions will not be accepted. Late assignments will be receive a penalty of 2 marks per day deducted from your total assignment mark.







Cover page includes assignment title, professor’s name, course and section, student’s first and last name, student number, and date.


Written in a report format with complete sentences, introduction and conclusion


Three cultural problems from Disneyland Paris and three solutions


Briefing note with differences between Canadian and Malaysian culture with all four topics addressed


Example of an interactive exhibit and a description of the Malaysian traditions that it represents


Assignment uses good research from reliable sources to support content


MLA style, correct format and structure followed


Correct spelling / proper grammar





30 ÷ 3 = 10 marks

10% of term mark

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