Cooperative strategy: context and forms of strategic alliance



List of topics to be covered:

1. Cooperative strategy: context and forms of strategic alliance

2. Theoretical perspectives on alliances

3. Alliance formation: partner selection and negotiation

4. Alliance structuring: ownership & control

5. General management of alliances

6. HRM in alliances

7. Culture in alliances

8. Alliance performance and evolution

Key text:

Child, J. Faulkner, D. & Tallman, S.B. Cooperative Strategy. Oxford: Oxford University

Press 2005, paperback.

Other useful texts:

Contractor, F.J. and Lorange, P, (eds.) Cooperative Strategies and Alliances. Oxford:

Elsevier 2002 (For reference only).

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Method of assessment:

In-class test on Case study: 100%

Time Allowed: THREE hours. Attempt ALL questions

The in-class test in Session 8 is related to a Cooperative Strategy case study, OCG

Microelectronic Materials. You can bring your dictionaries, notes, and textbooks, but not

electronic equipment.

1. Critically discuss the problems that emerged for CIBA-GEIGY from granting

management control to Olin, and how might CIBA-GEIGY overcome these problems?

2. Critically evaluate how the venture is performing and what are the prospects for its


3. Using multiple theoretical perspectives, critically discuss and evaluate the extent to


an enlightened HR policy bring about genuine identity integration for the seconded


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