The written plan should reflect more detail than your pitch deck; it cannot be just the same level of content as your presentation.



Please use PDF (pitch deck) to see project idea and plan presentation and based on the information on this presentation develop a 

Written Business Plan (min 30 pages plus supportive documentation), which provides more in-depth detail of the idea in the PDF.

The written plan should reflect more detail than your pitch deck; it cannot be just the same level of content as your presentation.  

  • Use the written plan to explain more about the additional primary research you conducted, your competition or the other target segments or geographies you considered but did not pursue. 
  • Areas that should be covered include the following: 
    • Executive summary  (who/what/where/when/how unique) – 1 page max
    • Market Opportunity (unmet need/based on market research, SWOT, target audience)
    • Major Competitors (direct and/or indirect, strengths & weaknesses)
    • Mission (6-word Value Proposition, Positioning to target audience)
    • Your Competitive Advantages  (How are you unique, better than competition)
    • Business Canvas Model (in addition to attaching the final revised canvas, explain why you chose the model you did and which others you considered but decided not to pursue)
    • Operations flow (key processes, how you sell and how you make money, what the UX looks like)
    • Go-to-market Strategy (How will you launch / enter the market)
    • Marketing Plan (product, pricing, promotion)
    • Capital Requirements  (how much you need to start and what it would be put towards)
    • Financial Projections (key assumptions, revenue, expense, 3 year P&L, BE)
    • Expansion plans if any
    • Management (capabilities of key talent, not your personal relationship with them)
    • Summary

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