Therapeutic Interventions in Nursing of the Older Person



Title:    Therapeutic Interventions in Nursing of the Older Person 

Aim:  The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with the opportunity to discuss therapeutic nursing interventions for a patient within the context of gerontology care.


Assignment Criteria

  • Using a case study*, describe the patient and provide an overview of their health related condition.
  • Identify two key problems that the patient is experiencing
  • Describe these two key problems in relation to relevant aetiology and pathophysiology

·       Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the interventions required for person-centred care regarding these two problems.  

·       Discuss the implementation, coordination and monitoring of these interventions

·       Describe the evaluation of these interventions.

  • Demonstrate the use of relevant literature, evidence based practice and research recommendations to support the use of these interventions.

·       Guidelines


The assignment should be presented under the following sections (not necessarily the same headings); in the main body of the text the student can decide the headings and subheadings as appropriate.


The introduction is concerned with introducing the topic. Here an overview of the key concepts under discussion is provided. Operational definitions of terms must be defined. The introduction should also succinctly introduce the reader to the layout of the assignment, which should be presented in a logical and structured approach to ensure clarity and ease of reading.

Main Content: (do not use this as a heading)

Here factual data, points of view and statements concerning the topic are presented and discussed. Each aspect of the topic is critically discussed under an appropriate heading, demonstrating the capacity to engage in critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of the reviewed literature and current research findings. This part of the assignment must form a coherent logical unit (requires logical organisation of the topics under discussion with clarity of thought demonstrated). The author develops his/her arguments based upon factual data and statements about the topic in such a way that a reader can follow the way that a particular conclusion was arrived at.


The conclusion provides a summary of the discussion. Write conclusions logically and formulate key recommendations/observations for practice. NEVER introduce new information or ideas in the conclusion - its purpose is to round off your assignment by summing up.

3500 words (+/- 10%)

Assignments should be uploaded onto moodle on or before : 1200, Tuesday, 6th April 2021


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