There are 2 parts to this assignment. In the first part, you are going to need to modify the program’s structure,

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There are 2 parts to this assignment. In the first part, you are going to need to modify the program’s structure, update algorithms and create a new flow chart to solve it. In the second part, you’ll be using those to help you modify the java program.


So let’s get started!


Part 1: Your loopy Haunted Tower of Terror adventure!


You loved creating your Haunted House in Assignment 3 so much, that you decided to you want to go for gold and make one that is even better. To do this, though, you want to really practice your skills and modify your friend’s program. Hurrah!


So, first, you will be partnered with someone to work on the assignment with. Once this is posted on Moodle, you will want to be sure to send them your Assignment 3 submission. Don’t forget to ask for both the Word/Open Office document and the entire Netbeans project file. You’ll need to review their flow chart and pseudocode, and then take a look at their code.


You may work with this person when it comes to understanding their approach and their code, so be sure to exchange contact information if you have not already done so.


The first thing you will do is make sure that you fully understand their approach and their code. You will then do the following:

·         With your partner, review the modifications listed below

·         Select one of your submissions to modify as a team

·         Determine who will do what work on the assignment (be sure to be explicit about this, both with your partner and in your submission)

·         Set up a schedule and deadlines for completing the assignment

All of this must be documented, included in your Word/Open Office document and turned in with your new program.


Modifications Required:

Step 1: JavaDocs

Javadoc is a tool that generates html documentation from Javadoc comments that you put in your code.  As was covered in Lab, you will be adding JavaDocs to your selected submission.

Both partners MUST add a portion of the JavaDocs, and it was be clearly indicated in your JavaDocs, which partner added which related comments.

As a review, here are two tutorials on the creation and use of JavaDocs:

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