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Hello Everyone,

Electronic monitoring of employees significantly affects the morale of employees

since they feel that the employer is intruding into their private life. Monitoring is likely to

hurt the performance of employees since they feel that monitoring is likely to establish

their weak points. In a number of instances, employees believe that the employer

intends to learn about their medical problems, sexual orientation, religion as well as

political views. In a number of cases, monitoring is designed to improve the

performance and productivity of employees is does not yield good results since many

employees are affected by monitoring reducing their morale significantly. Monitoring

causes stress among employees, which also affects their performance at the workplace

(Stanton & Stam, 2006). Many individuals work well with less supervision; however,

employees are likely not to ask questions freely from their colleagues since they feel

that the emails they send are monitored. This affects their existence in the workplace,

which also develops stress among the workers.

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