These directions are a little long. I tried to be thorough. Please contact me with questions.



Directions for Assignment 3 Phys214 Spring 2020:

These directions are a little long. I tried to be thorough. Please contact me with questions.

Your 3 examples are after these directions. You may not discuss which examples you were assigned with anyone. This is your final exam so these example are confidential information. It’s like a secret assignment. You may not share without violating academic integrity.

You will need to look up the Tactics for your example in the textbook. You are not required to rewrite the example or tactics but you are required to reference the topic and tactics. For the example in the PowerPoint a student’s paper would begin with:

“I created a concept question and problem based on Example 17.10 from our textbook. The tactics the textbook suggests for this type of problem are detailed in Problem-solving Strategy 17.1.“

1. Study the example and the textbook tactics for solving the type of problem.

Create your problems. Your created problems may be modeled on problems in the textbook or problems you find online, but they may not be a copy with just the numbers or objects changed.  You must reference any material you use.*

2. (20 pts) Create your own concept questions, like a “Stop To Think” or a Clicker Question, that goes with each example.

3. (70 pts) Create your own example that goes with each example you were given. Include a reference to where this would apply as part of either an everyday work problem for a scientist or engineer or part of daily life.

Solve your example using the tactics as described or describe modification to the tactics you have used and that you feel helped you solve the problem.  

4. (10 pts) Discuss why you thought of this example and/or whether you think the tactics described in the textbook to solve this type of problem work or whether you would suggest changes to the tactics.


5. When you have completed your work upload your paper as a single PDF or Word file to the dropbox for the assignment. If you do not know how to create a PDF or Word file for your assignment please contact me and I will help you. There are a number of free applications available.


I will be using Turnitin, Google, Chegg, CourseHero and other web tools as I see fit enforce Academic Integrity on this final exam. Working as a group and representing other people’s work as your own are violations of academic integrity. This is a final exam so the penalties for violations of Academic Integrity will be severe. I suggest that you limit your reading to the textbook and hyperphysics so that you do not risk unintentional plagiarism. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of unintentional plagiarism please learn about it so you can protect yourself and your work. 


*Please note that the materials used to create these exam problems are copyrighted. I hold sole copyright in all course materials I create. The textbook authors and publishers hold copyright for their materials. You may take notes and make copies of course materials for your own use. You may not and may not allow others to reproduce or distribute lecture notes and course materials publicly whether or not a fee is charged without express written consent. Similarly, you own copyright in your original papers and exam essays. If I am interested in posting your answers or papers on the course web site, I will ask for your written permission. Likewise, you will find a question asking for your permission to use your created examples in future courses. You will receive 5 extra credit points for answering this question. There will be no penalty for choosing to release your materials or to retain your right to keep them private.



Your 3 examples are:

Example 16.6 page 437

Example 33.4 page 944

Example 37.8 page 1079


Do your best! 

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