This assessment requires research of an organisation’s application stack, hardware and business functions/priorities.

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This assessment requires research of an organisation’s application stack, hardware and business functions/priorities. You will be required to develop a whollistic understanding of an IT system so you can understand the flow of data, entities which exist in the system and how the system might be improved or extended.


You must fill in the gaps, and the empty dot points and show an educator:

You have always been interested in ___________ and you have always admired this particular organisation: _____________ and the way they:

add your point here

add your point here

add your point here

You are now in a position to make a pitch to them about how to do something better or how they can take their ________ to the next level, but you need to formalise your approach by developing a deep understanding of their application stack and business priorities/functions.

NOTE: some organisaitons may be better than others in terms of completing this assessment - consult with your colleagues, and the educators on your choices. It would not be unusual to look into at least THREE different organisations to check whether sufficient information is available to complete this task.


You must satisfy all the following requirements:

Requirement Code Requirements Word Guide Marks Subject/Outcome Code

R1 Research and describe the technologies used to deliver services or products of your chosen organisation in terms of:

- presentation layer (front-end frameworks, native mobile or desktop applications, PWAs)

- business/application layer (web servers, programming languages and technologies for implementing and supporting business logic and processing of business data)

- data access layer (databases, technologies and services which allow processing and querying of data)

NOTE: for this part, provide a general survey of all the products and services offered by the organisation and the stack or stacks used AND any technologies used to assist in the development or maintenance of their systems. You may like to create a diagram or diagrams, but must have at least 300 - 500 words describing the technologies . 6 CMP1042-2.1

R2 Identify ONE application stack utilised by an organisation to deliver a product or service.

Describe the role of each technology used within an application stack and how it relates to other applications/technologies in a stack

NOTE: this requirement only requires you to focus on a single product or service. You may use a diagram, but must have at least 300 - 400 words of description. 6 CMP1042-2.3

R3 Research the hardware/cloud platform(s) that are utilised by the organisation and describe what hardware is required.

If specific information is not available, find data on the number of users At least 300 words. 6 CMP1042-2.2

R4 Research the data model of an organisation by looking at their API documentation and any other sources of publicly available information and describe the organisational functions that are possible based on the API.

See the following examples of documentation which describe various organisation’s object model:


- Spotify:

- Shopify:

NOTE: publicly available API documentation will often give you an idea of the entities that are available within a system, check API documentation for developers to find this information as well as looking for “object models”, entity relationship diagrams At least 300 words 6 CMP1042-5.1

R5 Create an entity relationship diagram which represents entities used in a product or service (or part of) and the relationships between them.

You are free to speculate on the properties of entities and the relationships between entities. 15 CMP1042-3.1, PRG1048-1.1

R6 Describe TWO processes for the input and output of data based on the company’s API and how they achieve organisational objectives. You may provide a flow diagram or chart for this question but must have a legend and a numbered description that is at least 300 words. 6 CMP1042-3.2

R7 Develop an extension or modification of the existing data model to improve an organisational function. You should provide details about:

- additional entities

- additional relationships between entities

- additional input or outputs

- additional processes

- which entities would be part of a public API

and must explain how these changes will lead to an improvement. You may provide diagrams to support your answer but must provide at least 300 words of explanation 6 CMP1042-3.3

R8 Create an entity relationship diagram(s) that describe the entities and relationships you propose to extend or modify the system. You must ensure that:

- your entities are normalised to the 1NF

- that it is shown how the new or modified entities connect with the existing system

- provides sufficient detail of data types and properties of entities for someone to write a SQL script 9 PRG1048-1.2

R9 Justify the technical and operational feasibility of your improvement or extension to an organisational function by providing information about:

- how the improvement will be supported technically

- how the improvement will affect stakeholders who utilise the system

- additional costs that may be incurred to implement the improvement 400 words minimum 6 CMP1042-5.2

R10 Select TWO technologies in the organisation’s stack and provide an alternative solution/technology by comparing the alternative with the existing solution (use of tabular form OR prose is ok). 150 words minimum per technology 6 CMP1042-5.3

  Total 72  

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