This project will require students to simulate a casino where players can select from a list of games they wish to play.

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To complete this assignment you must submit your casino.c to Webcourses.


Project description

This project will require students to simulate a casino where players can select from a list of games they wish to play.  Students will have to work through a series of programming implementations in order to complete the project.  The project will include the use of primitive data type variables, arrays, user defined functions, and functions from the C library.


Assignment Naming Convention

It is highly recommended that for each iteration of the project students copy the previous assignment and rename it for additional functionality.  The purpose of this implementation is two-fold.  First, if there is a grading discrepancy, students have evidence that your source code worked as designed respective to what the grading rubric required.  Second, the current implementation of Webcourses automatically renames a student’s assignment submission.  The first submission would be “casino.c”, the second submission automatically gets renamed to “casino-1.c”, the third submission automatically gets renamed to “casino-2.c”, etc… and causes concern for students.


Assignment Scope

1.      Create a C source code file

2.      Add functions to existing project

3.      Use random function

4.      Use decision making control flow

5.      Use looping control flow

6.      Use one dimensional array

7.      Use two dimensional array

8.      Use structs

9.      Use formatted printing

10.  Compile and run a file

11.  Submit to Webcourses



Source code examples in Webcourses

1.      dataTypes.c

2.      functions.c

3.      inputOutput.c

4.      arrays.c

5.      decisionMaking.c

6.      looping.c

7.      random.c

8.      structures.c

9.      typecasting.c

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