This segment does not have a specific PowerPoint slide length but must meet the below criteria

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I have attached the POWERPOINT PRESENTATION and the FEEDBACK can you make the necessary revisions? and I also sent the previous instruction just in case if you need them. 

Art Appreciation Gallery: Visual Elements 

For Unit IV of the Art Appreciation Gallery presentation, you will be adding descriptions of the visual elements of your gallery pieces to your PowerPoint presentation. 

Begin by reviewing your Unit III feedback and making any necessary revisions. Next, research the elements using your textbook, the course content, and/or the Internet, and complete the six slides titled “Visual Elements” for your six gallery pieces. 

This segment does not have a specific PowerPoint slide length, but must meet the below criteria: 

 Include a detailed description of the visual elements of each artwork (e.g., the colors, spacing, lighting).  Remember that you must cite your sources according to APA style.  You may use one slide to describe the visual elements of multiple artworks if each artwork has the same author and shares similarities in visual elements.  Please submit your full presentation thus far, which should include the previously updated segments and the segment for this unit. 

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