To create an overview of his/her chosen topic by highlighting 2 differing perspectives of the overall argument surrounding the local issue.



ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVE: To create an overview of his/her chosen topic by highlighting 2 differing perspectives of the overall argument surrounding the local issue.


The paper should use MLA formatting throughout, including a proper heading (with my name spelled correctly), citations for attribution, and a Works Cited page with both of your articles (and any other sources you've used for context). 

The paper should use an easy-to-read 12 point font. Suggested fonts included Times New Roman, Georgia, Helvetica, and Arial. 

The paper should use 1" margins all around. 

Papers should be 700-900 words (roughly 3-4 pages). 

Papers should include: 

an overview of your topic (basic details on its start, why it is important, etc.)

an overview of perspective A in the issue

an overview of perspective B in the issue

You may include your own opinion in this issue if you've already formed an opinion. However, you don't have to have made a decision on which side you agree with. Whether you have an opinion on the topic or if you're still forming an opinion, include your current stance. 

While you're not specifically arguing a side (yet--that will come later in the course), you will need to include a thesis statement in your introduction that clearly lays out what you'll discuss in your paper.

Selected topic: Traffic issues in Charleston

Specific:  I'd encourage you to find one specific area of traffic/congestion and focus on the ways to change and/or alleviate that backup. For example, you could look at the current discussion around the expansion of Highway 41 in Mount Pleasant, the argument for/against widening the road to Kiawah Island, the lengthening of 526, the need for additional traffic measures in Summerville, etc.



15 points

The thesis statement is obvious, strong, argumentative, and clear. If the author's name and title of the work has not been shared in the opening paragraph already, the writer includes that information in the thesis statement. ALL elements of the argument and paper are covered and/or strongly alluded to in the thesis. 

Paper body

20 points

The body paragraphs clearly support what has been established in the thesis through personal analysis and direct evidence from the text(s) and/or outside sourcing. The paragraphs have appropriate transitions between the ideas and lead the reader logically from one idea to the next. The paper reads confidently, logically, and with conviction. The paper includes a counterargument where appropriate.

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