Why do you hold to this answer about Origins?, and why do you agree or disagree with the Buddha?



You are to provide (i) a description of your own answers to any 7 of the fundamental questions and (ii) at least one critique of your own worldview, preferably using the criteria for worldview analysis (explanatory scope, coherence, etc). In part (i), you should interact with the different Sages and their views. That is, when offering your answers to the fundamental questions, compare and/or contrast your views with some of the Sages. 

 A good paper will: (a) provide 1 or 2 comparisons/contrasts in each fundamental question. For example, you might write on Origin that you hold to an ex nihilo creation by God and this is in contrast to Krishna who held to ...., as the Bhagavad Gita says in..... A good paper will also (b) interact at least once with all three sages covered in the class. (c) always keep the 'why' question in mind. Why do you hold to this answer about Origins?, and why do you agree or disagree with the Buddha?, etc. Requirements: - The paper should be constructed in an essay format, composed of prose writing organized by paragraphs. The main sections and subsections of the paper should be clearly identified (e.g., Part1: Socrates' Worldview, then Origin, Condition, etc.; Part 2: Critique of Socrates' Worldview). - 1,500 words (approx. 2½ pages) minimum, single spaced. The paper must meet the minimum requirements for length but may exceed this. - The specific formatting style (e.g., MLA, Chicago, APA) is not important; all standard styles are acceptable. However, citations of the text should be formatted as follows. Cite the specific work and paragraph/scriptural text rather than the entire course textbook. For example, use Plato’s specific book title and the 'Stephanus pagination' (e.g., Apology 61c) instead of the course text (The Last Days of Socrates). As another example, use the specific scriptural text (Bahagavad-Gita 2:15-20) instead of the compilation text (Anthology of World Scriptures).

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